MSA-500 Micro System Analyzer

The Micro System Analyzer is the premier measurement tool for the analysis and visualization of structural vibrations and surface topography in micro structures such as MEMS. By fully integrating a microscope with scanning laser doppler vibrometry, stroboscopic  video microscopy and scanning white light interferometry, the Micro System Analyzer is designed with an all-in-one combination of technologies that clarifies real microstructural response and topography.

MSA Optical Unit

The MSA Optical Unit is offered in six configurations that allow individual or combined in-plane measurements, out-of-plane measurements or topography measurements. Depending on system type, the optical unit comprises the MSA-500 head with microscope optics as well as a single-point (Polytec OFV-551) or differential (Polytec OFV-552) fiber optic interferometer. In all configurations, the MSA-500 Sensor Head has optimized microscope optics, an integrated LED illumination unit and a progressive scan video camera which provides a live video stream for the Data Management System. 

MSA Processing Unit

The MSA-500 Processing Unit comprises the Data Management System with MSA Software, the MSA-E-500 Junction Box and, in system configurations that include vibrometry, the OFV-5000 Vibrometer Controller.

MSA Software

The MSA Software comprises the different programs for data acquisition and evaluation:

  • Polytec Scanning Vibrometer (PSV) software for out-of-plane measurements offers quick and easy set up, simple data acquisition and outstanding 3-D data visualization.
  • Planar Motion Analysis (PMA) software similarly controls the in-plane measurement process and provides a dynamic visualization.
  • Topography Measurement System (TMS) Software for data acquisition, analysis, 2-D and 3-D data representation, including profile cuts.


The MSA-500 Micro System Analyzer can be configured to cover many operating modes and measurement ranges needed to characterize microstructures. The following table helps to match the appropriate system to the application. Polytec provides systems for either single-task or combined measurements. For out-of-plane vibration measurements, the system can be configured for either single-beam or differential operation. Differential systems can perform both single-beam and differential measurements. In addition to the standard 1.5 MHz version, there is a 24 MHz option that features both high-frequency data acquisition and a high-frequency waveform generator.



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